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Okay, not really, but here are some thoughts, dreams, wishes, and aspirations

31 May
I'm a pretty busy guy... very involved on-campus... hope to become even more involved, socially and politically... I love college life... it's something I wish everyone could and would experience... the activism and socialization that occurs on college campuses is amazing...

About me: I'm kinda short (5'7"), dark brown hair and eyes, FtM, addicted to all sorts of music (one will rarely see me without one of my mp3 players), love to dance, workaholic (dedicated to all the work I do)... I live in Ohio for the time being while I'm finishing up my undergrad... I want to move to either San Diego or Chicago after graduation... I have an amazing set of close friends and (former) lovers that support me which I think is wonderful... some people whould say that I'm "metro" as in a metrosexual, but I just like to look nice... always open to meeting new people and making new friends... ask me if there's something else you wanna know and it's not listed here...