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Hey LJ! It's been too long since I've updated this... over a year. Let's recap 2009:
1. I was married and am not on the path to being divorced. Not to get super detailed (and to protect the other party involved), she decided she was too young to be a wife and would rather hook up with random guys from the Internet and neglect her responsibilities to our household (work, clean, spend time with me, etc.). I did try to make the marriage work; I overlooked a lot of things that others would not have for the sake of re-establishing and saving my relationship. Although I am sad that the marriage is over, I'm in a much happier place now- even if my soon-to-be ex-wife is spreading lies about me and refusing to repay her debts to me from when we were separated but still under the same roof. I hope karma is real...
2. I'm in a new relationship. My girlfriend is amazing; she better be since I have been chasing her since we met in September 2007. She was with someone else at the time and so was I. We became very good friends and then we fell apart after she moved away and disappeared. However, she came back into my life when my marriage was falling apart for good last summer. The rest is history.
3. On 20 July 2009, I had top surgery in Cleveland with Daniel Medalie. Definitely one of the best days of my life so far. I experienced very little pain and discomfort, much less than I thought I would, and am very happy with the results.

More later... Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is distracting me

I have been married for over a month. Spring semester classes have begun and here I sit, watching "Saw V," instead of studying Spanish vocabulary. I think i'll make it though. I'm job hunting hardcore now because I'm done with Jimmy John's, which is freeing and annoying all at once. I am hopinh my wife and I get the loan we applied for so we can put some money down on a house and possible get her a car. Maybe even put some money away for my top surgery. Who knows?

Sorry this is so short... busy day today...
I haven't posted to my own journal in awhile so here goes nothing.

I am getting married today in roughly three hours in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I'm sitting in the hotel with two of my Fraternity brothers, basically waiting to get ready and leave for City Hall. They're napping and I'm sitting up, biding my time. I love her more than I've loved any other woman. I care for her, adore her, wish only happiness and the best for her, and more than anything, am willing to do what it takes to sustain our relationship. So, I can't wait.

I am still searching for funding for top surgery. My soon-to-be wife and I have been searching for surgery options, most likely using most of our refund checks for the spring semester to start a cd to save. I want to have surgery by 2010, which gives me a year to come up with the funds as well as get a concrete letter for surgery. The letter is just a waiting game- waiting to get regular appointments with Psych Services at the University. I should be getting in at the beginning of the spring semester and when I did my intake, I was told that it most likely wouldn't take more than 3 or 4 visits, tops.

I look to graduate in August with a B.A. in History. I am excited, but a little nervous because that puts a lot of pressure on me to do exceedingly well in all my classes this spring. Spring semesters have been very hard for me because there is usually some family event that pops up, creating chaos in my life. I hope that's not the case this spring. I love school, but I am ready to graduate. I am ready to move on to a new chapter of my life, especially that new life with my wife.

I think this is a sufficient update for now. I will try to post more.

I'm not one for political bandwagons. I did not wear the buttons, stickers, hats, t-shirts, bags and other apparel peddled by either ajor party candidate. I waited. I watched. I did my research. I agonized. And then, I voted.

I did vote for Barack Hussein Obama Jr. to be the 44th President of the United States of America. I believe in the promise that an Obama administration has. I am skeptical of all his lofty goals, but I am hopeful that some of them will be accomplished; especially with a Democratic Congress.

For the next 4 years, the most powerful man in the free world will look like me. Big lips and ears, dark complexion, "nappy" hair, and a fond appreciation for fried chicken. My newborn nephew will have a Black president (too late white people; you wanted to use the one drop rule against us for so long so don't even think about trying to claim President Elect Obama because of his white mother!) and will grow up knowing that he can do anything. I can do anything. We can do anything.

Thank you Harriet Tubman for crawling to freedom for us. Thank you Fredrick Douglass for speaking freedom into existance. Thank you Rosa Parks for sitting when you couldn't stand it anymore. Thank you Brother Malcolm and Dr. King for letting freedom ring by any means necessary. Thank you Sen. Clinton for making way for a new era and helping unite us all.

My country has done me wrong, but today, for a few hours, it was the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Now the real work begins.
Get to it, Obama. The ball's in your court now.

P.S. Sarah Palin is still ridiculously attractive. What the heck are the Republicans going to do with her now? Groom her for 2008? 2012? Watch out for her! She's on the move!
 i haven't written here in 26 weeks, or so says LiveJournal. My life has changed so much in that seemingly short amount of time.  My long-time girlfriend dumped me at the beginning of that time period and I am now dating someone new. Someone I get along with much better and who wants me, rather than needs me. I am also close to the end of a new semester and embarking on some interesting changes- new house, possibly a new car to replace my dead one, new summer experiences with my fraternity brothers, and a new beginning. I am excited at what the future brings. While I did not have surgery like I planned to due to money issues (that make me very bitter so I won't go into it), I am getting back on track with surgery and other transition related things. I have a new outlook on my transition and while I feel I will not be whole until top surgery at least, I am not in a huge rush like I was before. I'm okay for the moment and that is an accomplishment in itself. I am growing as a person and I am excited for what is to come. Later days; love y'all.
 I have become increasingly aware of the fact that my top surgery date is rapidly approaching. So for all those who can, please click on the link below to donate to my PayPal account and help me pay for top surgery. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks all.

Ted T.

NOTE: PayPal is a secure site so there are no worries about entering sensitive information on this site. Thank you.


** Cross-posted in hopes of many results**

i've been thinking more and mor about transitioning. i want top surgery as soon as i can afford it, but that seems to be miles and miles away. i wish i could just close my eyes and open them to find a pile of cash, waiting to be used to help me get rid of these breasts. i've been trying to think of something else, but it keeps coming up at least once a day. i'm going to be working out again in order to get back into shape and get my mind off this stuff. hopefully it works. in the meantime, i will be going to some rush events for a fraternity i am intereste4d in and will be working on school work, extracurricular activities, and fundraising for surgery.

once again, i find myself needing to update in my livejournal. i check this thing everyday, being nosy and reading about everyone else and i never post in my own. i'm going to try to change that. one day at a time, i guess. so what's new with me?

my mother decided not to co-sign a loan with me at the last minute so now i have to ask my stepmom to do so. i need the money because i need to buy books, pay a large chuck of my credit card bills, possibly buy a new vehicle, and pay for top surgery. i'm hoping that she will do this because i'm working my tail off but i just can't seem to make enough money to cover everything. with that being said, let's talk about work.

work has been a pain in my ass. i've been there since the store has opened and i'm just fed up. we're under new management now since all the original managers either quit or were fired. also there are a lot of new people working in the store. i know turnover in the restaurant industry is high, but damn. we can't seem to keep good employees and the ones we keep hiring are at the very least slow learners, not to mention admitted drug users/addicts. to add to that, i was passed up for a promotion seemingly because i do not work during the day with the general manager. i am also frustrated with the pay scale at the store too. i am making the same amount of money as the new people that were just hired, even though i have been at the store since we opened in january. whenever i walk into work now i am almost bursting at the seems with anger, resentment, and frustration. if it weren't for the fact that i have not found another job yet, i would put in my two weeks notice and be done with the place. also, i have not left because aside from the politics of the place, it's an easy job.

enough about crappy job situations.  school is back in session and my classes aren't too bad this semester. i actually like most of them, which is good. i have to get back into the habit of a sleep schedule, but other than that, i'm doing pretty good so far. i have a few papers due this upcoming week, but i am working on them over the weekend, like a good student.

on the relationship front, we have been arguing a lot. sometimes i wonder why i'm even in the relationship still, but then we go through a good patch and i say to myself "oh yeah. that's why."

More updates are here!

The wedding date has been changed already. The new one is Sunday, July 6th, 2008. The date changed because we think we've found the perfect place to have this wedding. It's in Cleveland, which isn't what I really wanted, but so far it looks pretty amazing. The best part is that it falls within our budget. It's a really nice community center that has a kitchen and tond of tables and chairs for us to use. The only draw back is that because it's a community center, we'd have to have a police officer there if we want to serve alcohol and that there's no clean-up service or set-up service so we'll have to pay to have the place cleaned and set up. Maybe we can find caterers that will do all of that. Hmmmmmm. 

My car's not dead... yet. The back brakes exploded which was causing the scratching noises. He's all fixed, but I am still looking for something new as well. I really want a truck or something similar; I feel kinda girly driving a Neon Sport.

In transition news, I have to make an endocrinologist appointment and a consultation with Medalie (the surgeon I want to use for top surgery). I wil have a rather large refund check, so I am looking to have top surgery this winter before the start of the spring semester in mid-January. I'll try to set those up this week for later in the month. I'm insurance-less again so I have to have money to pay for these appointments and I'll have that at the end of the month. All things considered, I think everything is falling into place rather nicely. 

The apartment is starting to shape up. We still have some boxes, but I think we'll be ready to entertain in a week or two. I think we're going to have a housewarming party which should be fun. We still have some kinks to work out, but all things considered, we're doing a pretty good job so far.

That's it for now.

Wow. It has been such a long time since I have written in my LiveJournal. If it weren't for the fact that I check my Friends' Page everyday out of habit, I think I would have forgotten all about this account. A lot has changed since my last entry and I'm excited to tell all my (probably not so much any more) faithful readers about it.

First and foremost, I am getting married in less than a year. The tentative date is 5 July 2008. I am excited because I know that I have found the person I want to marry and spend a significant portion of my future with. She's not my everything, but she comes pretty damn close. I am happy with her and I know she feels the same way about me. We have grown together and continue to do so. She is supportive of me and I of her. We're moving in together in less than a week as well. It is a two bedroom apartment and I'm excited to be living with someone again. Living alone gets, well, lonely. This is an exciting time for us; it's before the chaos of actually planning the wedding because we're focusing on the apartment for the moment.

In other news, my transition is coming along slowly. I need to make a new appointment with my endocrinologist because the last one was cancelled due to him not being in the office. Also, I am getting anxious about top surgery. I found an insurance company that I have heard, through the grapevine, will probably cover the surgery or at least a large portion of it. This all means that I have to make a consult appointment with the surgeon I want to use, Dr Medalie in Cleveland. This means I will probably be spending the next few weeks on the phone calling here and there. All this transition talk reminds me that I'm going to need a second job for the academic year to pay for a wedding, surgery and other transition stuff, and...

A new car. Yep, I think my car is dying. It has almost 156K miles on it and I have been driving it almost everyday because I have mostly delivery shifts at Jimmy John's. This puts a small hurdle in my plans to pay off the last bit of my credit cards, begin putting deposits on wedding things, and saving as much as I can for surgery, but I think I can handle it. Money is definitely a lousy way for people to keep score, but what can you do?

Well, I want to try to get some sleep or something before I take my car to get looked at so this concludes my update for now. I think I will try to write in here more now that my life is starting to make more sense.